A Note for September

Hey there!

I just wanted to pop in and say that my uploads may be slower than usual for the upcoming months. With school approaching, I’ll obviously have limited time to write and create projects solely for this blogbut don’t fear! I’ll probably have my hands full in fashion school, meaning that I’ll be tackling a lot of creative work that are sure to be featured in the future. I can’t wait for what’s in store, and hopefully, you’ll get to see the proverbial ‘cogs and wheels’ of what I have going on behind the scenes.

Thanks for sticking with me!


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Spring has Sprung and so has Fashion

I have no legitimate excuses as to why this post is so late, so I’ll spare you the sob story. Today’s topic is about spring fashion, and the excitement I have in shedding my bulky winter coat. The warm season is finally upon us, and we’re one step closer to wearing mini skirts, dresses, and shorts. Of course, you’re ultimately free to wear whatever you want, but this transition period is the sweet spot between chilly and warm. I got the chance to head over to downtown Toronto in the past couple of weeks, and it would be a missed opportunity to not wear something cute.

Below, I created two cohesive outfits that are casual enough for everyday wear, but imbue a subtle sense of romanticism for those who want to celebrate spring. You may have already seen some pieces in older posts, but I guess it goes to show how versatile they are 🙂 Anywho, enjoy!

The Museum Date Outfit

What I’m wearing:

  • Sweater: thrifted from Black Market
  • Skirt: Sunday Best from Aritzia
  • Tights: N/A
  • Boots (off camera): ASOS
  • Tote bag: Gift

Cherry Blossom Tea Party Outfit

What I’m Wearing:

  • Top: Handmade
  • Cardigan: Oak + Fort
  • Jeans: Reformation
  • Shoes: Converses

Winter is here and you need these basics

Summer isn’t the time for simplicity, as you’ve probably already noticed. From May to August, we’ve sported frills, off-shoulder cuts, daring hemlines, and vibrant patterns. Winter, on the other hand, is the season of minimalism. Monochrome hues come in full force, and it serves as the prime excuse to hoard all the knitwear you can. But for those who are missing a piece or two in their December-cladded wardrobe, there’s no need to worry. We’ll review a couple of basics that’ll definitely turn any over swamped coat monster into a clean, runway look.

  1. The Trench Coat/ Oversized button-up

Honestly, it all depends on your overall aesthetic. The trench coat is definitely for those looking to don the sleek, sophisticated look. The oversized button-up is for trendsetters who want to impart a ‘grunge’ sort of vibe to their outfit. It’s key that you choose a garment that fits well to your proportions. This includes focusing on its length and if it matches the width of your shoulders. In terms of colors, it’s always a safe bet to go neutral-which includes tones of beige, black, and white.

2. The Cardigan

I’ll put this in all caps in case there are people in the back. DO NOT OPT FOR THE THIN PULLOVER. I’m especially emphasizing those that are usually in the $10 rack at H&M. You want a cardigan that’s plush, soft, and thick. This minimizes any overlayering, due to its threadlike build. Additionally, it’s best to opt for a silhouette that doesn’t over swamp your figure.

3. The Turtleneck

Yes, even The Rock has it down. Everybody needs a turtleneck for the cold season, whether’s its slim-fit design or a bulky knit. Not only does it elongate the neck, but it’ll save you from layering a heavy scarf over top. I highly suggest that you opt for a blanket scarf, but be sure that isn’t big enough to hide your entire outfit.

4. Thigh High Boots

Via Miss Socialite Thigh High Boots

Yep, this one’s definitely debatable for some- but I think thigh high boots are definitely a must for winter. For one, it adds another warm layer to your pants and tights. Two, they help elongate your legs if you’re stuck with a long overcoat for the season. It’s a great boot if you want to look sophisticated, but make sure that you also have a sturdy pair of Docs or Chelseas in case the weather gets bad.

5. Cotton/wool pants

Let’s be honest. It’s real tiring in opting for leggings 4 days out of the week. You want to jazz things up a little, but you’re not keen on wearing skirts in the midst of the December breeze. For those not a fan of jeans, cotton/wool pants are a must-have in keeping your legs warm. If you opt for a well-made pair, you can definitely pull off that office-type, sophisticated look.

I’m sure you can find other basics to include in this list, but we’re here to keep things simple and short. If you have these classics down, I’m sure you can rule winter while keeping warm and cozy.


My name is Sophie.

Pretty sure I got my fashion sense from my mom. I hope she saved that strawberry dress somewhere because I’ve never looked better.

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m crossing my fingers that I keep this blog alive, not like the other blogs I’ve started and then left in the dust *cough cough* I promise I’m not a baby- judging by the photo I’ve chosen to introduce myself. But, if I was going to introduce myself as a fashion saavy person who’s been interested in putting together her own clothes ever since she was little- what better evidence is there than a baby picture of little one year old me rocking a strawberry dress?

My fondest memories of little Sophie trying her hand on what’s fashionable and what’s not is dressing up my Barbie dolls. It was too much of an unnecessary expense to buy Barbie clothes at Wal-Mart, so I’d either use tissue paper or fabric scraps my mom had when she sewed my brother and I’s clothing. From a relatively young age, my mom would teach me how to sew by hand- and then later on, how to use the sewing machine. My Barbie clothes were simple tube tops, haphazardly sewn skirts that required an elastic band to hold in place, or sometimes a fraying vest. They disintegrated after a few uses, but hey, call it experience.

Then I moved on to ‘clothes’ I could sew myself. I started out with headbands (that were never hemmed, so the thread would stick up like weird white hairs when I wore them) and scrunchies (I didn’t know how to stretch the elastic, so they were pretty much usesless). Years went by, and I taught myself how to make dresses and shirts. I never wore my first prototypes- mostly because I couldn’t fit my arm through the sleeve.

I exhibited some choice looks at my elementary school. I wore giant chandelier earrings that touched my shoulders. My mom let me wear her black leather thigh high heels to school when I was in fifth grade. I got in trouble for wearing a crop top in kindergarten, but I continued to wear it anyway.

As I grew older, my mom and I frequented thrift shops a lot. My mom would be busy looking at knick knacks and old books. I’d beeline straight to the clothing racks and the fabric section. And that’s where I am now.

This blog will be dedicated to vintage outfits, thrifted looks, some pieces that I’ve created, or just some ensembles that I find cool. Let’s pray that I at least post 10 or more posts, I hear that making progress is a good thing.