My name is Sophie.

Pretty sure I got my fashion sense from my mom. I hope she saved that strawberry dress somewhere because I’ve never looked better.

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m crossing my fingers that I keep this blog alive, not like the other blogs I’ve started and then left in the dust *cough cough* I promise I’m not a baby- judging by the photo I’ve chosen to introduce myself. But, if I was going to introduce myself as a fashion saavy person who’s been interested in putting together her own clothes ever since she was little- what better evidence is there than a baby picture of little one year old me rocking a strawberry dress?

My fondest memories of little Sophie trying her hand on what’s fashionable and what’s not is dressing up my Barbie dolls. It was too much of an unnecessary expense to buy Barbie clothes at Wal-Mart, so I’d either use tissue paper or fabric scraps my mom had when she sewed my brother and I’s clothing. From a relatively young age, my mom would teach me how to sew by hand- and then later on, how to use the sewing machine. My Barbie clothes were simple tube tops, haphazardly sewn skirts that required an elastic band to hold in place, or sometimes a fraying vest. They disintegrated after a few uses, but hey, call it experience.

Then I moved on to ‘clothes’ I could sew myself. I started out with headbands (that were never hemmed, so the thread would stick up like weird white hairs when I wore them) and scrunchies (I didn’t know how to stretch the elastic, so they were pretty much usesless). Years went by, and I taught myself how to make dresses and shirts. I never wore my first prototypes- mostly because I couldn’t fit my arm through the sleeve.

I exhibited some choice looks at my elementary school. I wore giant chandelier earrings that touched my shoulders. My mom let me wear her black leather thigh high heels to school when I was in fifth grade. I got in trouble for wearing a crop top in kindergarten, but I continued to wear it anyway.

As I grew older, my mom and I frequented thrift shops a lot. My mom would be busy looking at knick knacks and old books. I’d beeline straight to the clothing racks and the fabric section. And that’s where I am now.

This blog will be dedicated to vintage outfits, thrifted looks, some pieces that I’ve created, or just some ensembles that I find cool. Let’s pray that I at least post 10 or more posts, I hear that making progress is a good thing.




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