OOTD: A Collage of Thrifted Looks for the Summer

With winter officially off our backs, we can finally look forward to summer. Sure, spring is right around the cornerbut can you truly say that it’s the season of clear skies and warm weather? In my neck of the woods (that being Canada), it’s a never-ending sludge of rain, leftover slushy mud, and boisterous winds. Summer, on the other hand, is a blissful period of sunswept afternoons. Naturally, I wanted to base my next collection of OOTD to mark such as momentous occasionand what better to shop for new outfits than to go to your neighborhood thrift?

To be fair, some of the pieces shown are bought at other stores such as Aritziabut you can take care knowing that the majority of stuff I’m wearing is thrifted. Intended to be light, playful, and bright, these three outfit ideas can be worn as a casual city ensemble, a bookish look for flea markets, or ‘safari’ galavanting on a scenic hike. Pick your poison.

The Wildflower look

The Vintage Bookstore Look

The Ferry Date Look


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