Introducing Suki from Fast and Furious

Before Halloween rolled around, I was already dead-set on what I wanted to be. Back a few months ago, I found myself in odd fascination with the Fast and Furious franchise- most notably, Tokyo Drift. From a fashion standpoint, I was mesmerized by the dated, yet stylishly iconic era of the early 2000s. Particularly, I’m referring to the scene where Sean visits the underbelly of street racing in a seedy parking lot. From low-waisted jeans, fur lining, to strangely patterned sequins- I can’t deny that Y2K has grabbed some of my attention, for better and for worse.

Unfortunately, there was no one from the Toyko Drift cast that I wanted to dress up as. My inspiration later came when I watched the first-ever Fast and Furious movie. There, I was graced with Suki’s debut, where she wore this attention-grabbing outfit composed of lace-up pink leather pants with a two-layered tank top set. From there, I knew I had to recreate the outfit. The problem lay in getting my hands on the right kind of fabric.

I spent months googling and going to my local fabric shop to find pink leather fabric. I knew I had to compromise on synthetics since genuine leather is not only expensive but rare to buy. Sadly, I couldn’t find a single swatch that was similar to what Suki wore. Instead, I settled on these magenta stretchy pants I found at my local thrift store. During my trip, I also snatched two tank tops that I thought I could upcycle as well.

The result is far from perfect, but I can honestly say that I’m proud of it. The pants were the real highlight of the experience since I’ve never sewn anything this unique before. Painting the splatters is another story since I used rolled up trash bags to resemble that distressed effect. I can tell you that these jeans are definitely breezy, and not appropriate for the cold, autumn season.

Obviously, I would’ve had a pink car in the background to complete the effect. Just imagine it in the photoshoot.