The Pink Sunset Romper

The story starts at the thrift store, because of course it does.

More specifically, I spotted this gorgeous silk polyester blend that was hanging around in the drapery section. It was originally a curtain, considering that it had a scalloped hem with a tasseled trim. I loved the stitching details, as it showcased this stunning floral decal from top to bottom. Since the fabric looked so regal and sophisticated, it was only fitting that I make a dress. If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, then you already know of my obsession with sewing skirts and gowns. Obviously, I don’t need another dress in my overflowing closet, but when the material speaks to you, you listen.

Instead of opting for the usual mini, I wanted to add shorts underneath to make it more wearable. In the past, I’ve had my fill of wearing bottoms underneath for extra modesty, but it always made the resulting outfit look too bulky. Fortunately, the fabric at hand was relatively thin, so I didn’t have to worry about excess material. To keep things flexible, I decided to shirr the front bodice. Originally, I thought to make a corset to make the dress more romantic, but I knew it would sacrifice a bit of comfortability. Trekking forward, I used a pre-existing pattern I had for shorts and fused them together with the finished top. I pleated the remaining fabric and managed to sandwich the hem into the waistband.

The result is a half win. At first, I wanted the waist to have a more v-line cut to help accentuate the torso, but that proved rather difficult for stretchy fabric. I think it would’ve been easier if I stuck with the corset bodice, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have gotten many uses. Secondly, the shorts aren’t as obscure as I wanted them to be, but it did remind me of those early Victorian bloomers that women wore for biking. All in all, I think this is a super cute romper to wear for the summer season.

What I’m wearing:

  • Romper: handmade
  • Boots: ASOS
  • Necklace: thrifted
  • Pearl earrings: Sukoshi Mart

The Strawberry Romper

Yes, I know this outfit is devoid of actual strawberries, but I thought to keep it light. The pink gingham paired with the red buttons does enough to provide the illusion of rouge berries, plus—it carries the illusion of springtime bliss. With April just around the corner, I thought it best to get a head start on this season’s clothing. I scored this gorgeous fabric at my local thrift. I didn’t realize that it came from Pottery Barn, so I’m pretty sure that the $5 price tag was only 1% of the original cost. Anywho, I used a pattern made by Etsy seller Patternsbybrandijoan to create this adorable romper.

I used the button-up shirt pattern to construct the upper-half of the two-piece. For the shorts, I just sourced some tailored bottoms I had lying around. I decided I wanted a cinched-in waist, so I adjoined the two pieces to make a channel for the elastic to feed through. I’m pretty proud of the result, minus some raw seams here and there. Occasion-wise, this romper would make for a great casual outfit for the spring and summer.

What I’m Wearing

  • Romper: handmade
  • Shoes: Fila Disruptor