The Coffee Girl Dress

We are nearing the end of autumn, but I’m still clinging to the last remnants of November. I just don’t want fall fashion to end just yet- there are avenues I want to still explore.

Later this week, I decided to sew up another dress with some fabric I had lying around in my stash. I thrifted this gorgeous, espresso-hued paisley print that gave me such NY-autumn vibes. Initially, I thought about making a skirt out of the material, but I settled for the classic, deep-v ruffle gown that’s currently hot on Pinterest. It wasn’t supposed to be a wrap dress, but what’s a girl gotta do with a few strips of elastic? The skirt came a bit short, so I definitely need to wear a pair of biker shorts underneath.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty cute dress for the fall season. If I were keen on wearing this out, I would def pair these with knee-high boots, black stockings, and a cute leather jacket to top things off.