A Mini Aritzia Haul

As COVID restrictions start to lift, my bank account follows in the opposite direction. More specifically, I found myself with a significant dent in my checking account after a run downtown to Aritzia. It wasn’t just a mindless splurge- since I wanted to own some basics in my closet. With my most of wardrobe comprised of sweatpants and statement pieces, I found it necessarily to grab some down-toned pieces that could be paired with any outfit. Armed with a game plan, I headed off to the Eaton Centre three hours before opening time.

Here’s what I got:

The White Button down

It’s just simply beautiful. I love its seamless design and how breathable the fabric is. Whether its for casual use or for professional outings, this top is can definetly be paired with multiple outfits. I also needed some jeans, so I snagged a ribcage cut from Levis when I was downtown. As I final touch, I slipped on my usual Converses.

The Nude Biker Shorts

Just a standard pair of stretchy nude shorts- which can look quite elegant when matched the right top. It’s basically the sexier equivalent of sweatpants.

The Black Bodysuit

I’m pretty sure that bodysuits are meant for curvy people. As for me, I have the standard rectangular frame- but I think this number does a bit in accentuating what I’ve got. I just need to remember to style it with another piece- because if I wear it alone, I sort of look like a tiny wrestler.

Ps: sorry for the late submission! I was super busy that last couple of weeks and I couldn’t make the deadline 😦


Studio Ghibli Lookbook

Ah, summer: the time to feel magical.

I’ve been wanting to do a lookbook of Studio Ghibli for a while now. Throughout each character, Hayao Miyazaki manages to add a touch of whimsy, youthfulness, and timelessness into each character design. It’s never dated- which makes it a perfect canvas to build modernized outfits out of. I understand that my interpretations are quite loose, but I tried to mimic the silhouette and personality as best as I could. For this blogpost, I only managed to come up with three outfit ideas. However, I’m hoping to add a few more ensembles in the future.

Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle

  • What I’m wearing:
  • Yellow dress: Zara
  • White turtle neck: thrifted
  • Necklace: Sherlock 221b Baker Street merch
  • Shoes: vintage Doc Martens

Tombo Kopoli from Kiki’s Delivery Service

  • What I’m wearing:
  • T-shirt: thrifted
  • Jeans: upcycled and thrifted
  • Tote bag: Acupofruit
  • Shoes: Converse
  • Bucket hat: handmade

Sheeta from Castle in the Sky

  • What I’m wearing:
  • Dress: Selkie
  • Ribbon: handmade
  • Shoes: thrifted


The Summer Essential: The Midi Skirt

Hiya everyone.

With Spring (and Summer) fast approaching, I thought I would share a few outfit ideas. You may recognize the floral top, as it was featured in a previous blogpost. The black skirt was a guilty purchase, since I saw it first on TikTok. The leaf dress, however, was a hand-me-down from my mother. With a few alterations to make it more fitted, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait to wear it when it gets more warm.


Valentine’s Day Look Book

Happy Valentines Day! Whether you’re indifferent, in a loving relationship, or you use it as a means to hang out with your gal pals, it can always be used as an excuse to look cute. I mean, you at least have to agree that the aesthetic is top notch. With red, pink, and white tones decorating your social feed (and store isles), there’s lots of inspo around you to configure a perfect Valentine’s Day look.

Below, I’ve come up with 3 different Valentine’s Day outfits perfect for any kind of scenario. The neat thing about this mini collection is that at least one item I’ve worn in this shoot is handmade. Enjoy!

Look 1: My Little Sweetheart

This adorable get-up is heavily inspired by Lirika Matoshi’s Strawberry dress that was blowing up on social media. I made the top using a lightweight, chiffon material and individually handstitched the red sequins on. It’s nowhere near Lirika’s masterpiece (as my ‘strawberries’ ended up looking the Canadian Tire logo), but I think it still turned out cute in the end. I layered it with a pink, stretchy satin-feel pink dress, chandelier pearl earrings and my favourite black kitten heels.

This get-up is for meeting your partner for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, or taking a walk down memory lane. Or it could be worn at a fun amusement park with a paired cotton candy stick. Whatever the occasion, you’ll see life in pink when you twirl in this outfit.

What I’m wearing

  • Sequined top: handmade
  • Pink dress: thrifted, from H&M
  • Pearl earrings: Sukoshi Mart
  • Shoes: thrifted

Look 2: You Didn’t Invite Me

Now this look is for those people who have a grudge against this particular love-infested day. If your teeth starts gritting at the thought of couples being cutesy when you’re all home alone, this look is definitely a rebellious twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day look. On the bottom, I layered a red striped turtleneck with ruffles I made by myself. On top, I put on a tight fitting, black scuba dress with this cool bustier feature with an added decorative underwire underneath. In order to ‘soften’ the look, I paired the same pearl earrings as the first look and wore the same black kitten heels.

I’d imagine wearing this look when you take yourself on a solo date. No people, just you and your credit card. You also roll your eyes at the color pink and when couples hold hands. Geez, who did you dirty?

What I’m wearing

  • Striped top: handmade
  • Black dress: Lulus
  • Pearl earrings: Sukoshi Mart
  • Black shoes: thrifted

Look 3: Coffee date with the bestie

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to hang out with your friends. Before Corona, my best friend and I would always make an occasion to see each other at a cute cafe downtown. I’d remember we would order Italian pasta and share a slice of cheesecake. There was also bubble tea in the mix somewhere in the afternoon.

For this look, I wore this ‘peasant style’ oversized tan dress, a matching beige beret, a mauve hair-tie I fashioned into a neck-tie, a thrifted black bag with gold accents and of course, my black kitten heels. Man, I wish I could wear this out-especially at our little cafe spot. Sigh, c’est la vie.

What I’m wearing

  • Tan dress: thrifted, from E-AN
  • Neck-tie: Claire’s
  • Beret: Handmade
  • Black bag: thrifted
  • Black shoes: thrifted

Friends of Your Springtime Mini Collection


I’ve made a lot of clothes in the past couple of years. I’ve always been hesitant to post them, mostly because I never thought they were that good to begin with. But it’s 2021, it’s time to instill just a little bit of self-confidence. I’m hoping that in the future, I’ll most more of what I’ve made and make it into some sort of ongoing series on this blog. I’ve made all of the tops and dresses in this mini look book. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Denim corset with lacing details. (All made out repurposed fabric)
Cotton corset with lacing detail at the back. Accented with gold thread and pearls.
White peach cotton blouse with lacing details.
Rococo inspired blouse made out of lavender dyed blouse.
Floral chiffon dress that I upcycled out a thrifted gown.
Greek mythology print made out of polyester fabric. Slight cowl neckline.
Pink polyester dress that actually has a built-in hidden shorts underneath 😀