The 18th Embroidered Pocket

Most women’s clothing is plagued with the absence of pockets. Worst of all, some come with the illusion of extra storage- but are found to be stitched up with very little room. I found a solution besides the regular fanny pack or purse. It’s a little historic, but I predict that it’s going to come back in style soon. Let me introduce you to the 18th embroidered pocket.

I understand that it’s commonly used for herb picking and key holding- but I think it’ll be great for holding cellphones. While it looks amazing with a peasant dress, this stitched beauty will definitely add some rustic charm to a denim short and blouse combo. Who knows? Maybe i’ll use it to hide some pocket berries or tomatoes.

What I’m Wearing

  • Dress: Garage (thrifted)
  • Headscarf: thrifted
  • Pocket: handmade
  • Sandals: thrifted

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